An Unforgettable Trip By Hiring A Luxury Car

When you're planning a holiday – as special such as a honeymoon – you would like to make the trip even more unforgettable by hiring a luxury car. Depending on your choice (and of course your partner) it could be a sports car or open topped, perhaps. Unfortunately they aren’t always easy to find and reserve. This is our guide to what you could rent where, how to go about it, what kind of costs you will end up paying, and any caveats or potential pitfalls to look out for.



Where To Book

Almost every big rental company have plethora of luxurious cars – Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, you name it and they have it. These days Enterprise's Exotic Car Collection is available all major US cities. Avis' Prestige and select series are offered in the UK and many European countries, and Hertz's The Dream Collection in the Italy, UK, and France

Where To Book

Almost every big rental company have plethora of luxurious cars – Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, Bentleys, Lamborghinis, you name it and they have it. These days Enterprise's Exotic Car Collection is available all major US cities. Avis' Prestige and select series are offered in the UK and many European countries, and Hertz's The Dream Collection in the Italy, UK, and France

Rental Costs

The rates of car rentals vary hugely depending on the car models and the year of manufacture selected. We are mentioning some indicative prices as quotes from reputed companies to give you and idea.

The referenced month is June and we have included airport pickups, collision damage waiver insurance (CDW) and a reasonably good mileage.

Now, if we take the case of a Ford Mustang or similar, the rental partner Zest Car Rental quoted: £300 from Las Vegas; £237 from Orlando; £384 from San Francisco.

Another example could be for Audi A3 Convertible version or similar, Holiday Autos quoted around £617 from Pisa and £480 from Nice.

When you go for even more luxurious models, rates can be even higher. For example,  for a week long rental from Nice airport,(including CDW), Holiday Autos quoted around £7,100 for a Ferrari 458 Italia, £2,893 for the Mercedes E-Class Convertible version and £11,833 for the Rolls-Royce Ghost.




If you are a customer in UK, the car booked generally comes with collision damage waiver (CDW) and theft protection. However, as we have noted, in most other countries there is likely to be a high excess. This can be as high as £5,000 on a typically high-spec vehicle. If you are a US customer, the rentals generally comes with zero excess on the insurance cover.




Rental Companies

But we strongly recommend purchasing a comprehensive heavy premium excess waiver policy to make sure that all the expensive items like the windscreen, wheels and undersides are included otherwise you may land up paying a fortune on expensive cars because any damage to these items is likely to be disqualified from rental companies' regular CDW.

Especially on luxury cars, also keep in mind that at times you need to leave details of upto two credit cards instead of usual one card for a security deposit. 

Other Tips

Not many of us know that to rent a luxury vehicle, there is usually a higher than normal minimum age – mostly 25 but could even be 30. 

While making a booking, watch out for the words "or similar" by the type of car. If you have precisely decided on a particular model, go instead for a deal where the same car type is guaranteed. This may cost extra.

It is reasonably okay to expect that the rental cost of standard vehicle will includes limitless mileage, but sometimes that is not the case with top-of-the-range cars. And remember that fuel costs will be higher for sports cars. Having said that, petrol is rather cheap in the US (as of late February 2017, it was around 49p per litre on average. 


Some Reasons To Check Out A Luxury Car Rental In Paris

Paris is not a city you just visit. It’s a place where you embrace a different type of culture, and you interact with a very distinct community. Also, it’s the city of romance and passion, art and dramatic scenery, the perfect place to explore with a luxury rental car from

But why on earth would you even think about driving around in a Bently, or a Ferrari, when you are used to more conventional means of transportation?

Here are some good reasons to check out a luxury car rental in Paris.

  1. Break The Cycle

You’re in Paris, not in your hometown. That means you don’t necessarily have to do everything you would typically do back at home. With a new environment and inspiring surrounds, it can be fun to try something new. This is your chance to live a temporary dream or take a magical vacation if you prefer, and you it happens with a luxury car rental in Paris.

Once you get settled behind the steering wheel, and you can feel the power when you step on the gas, that’s when you know why you considered to rent a BMW in Miami. You can really make the most out of your trip and break the cycle just by being a little more daring.

  1. Live The Big Live Without The High Payments

Renting a luxury car in Paris is not nearly as expensive as you think, and it comes with insurance. In other words, you are going to pay a reasonable amount of money to feel what it’s like to live big. And yes, a luxury car has the power to make you feel like the richest person on earth.

Ask yourself, how many times a year do you go to Paris? Don’t you deserve to enjoy such a lovely city with some nice transportation? Of course, you deserve it, and nothing is stopping you from doing it.

  1. Make Permanent Memories

When you are driving around Paris in a luxury rental car, and your partner or friend is with you, how much more special can the moment get (except when you rent a sports car in Dubai of course)? The car provides a high-quality atmosphere you can’t really put a price on, while the city itself takes care of the rest.

By renting a luxury car in Paris, you are taking the first step in the right direction towards loving your trip.

Find The Right Car Rental Service

However, before you sign for anything or take that sports car out on the road, make sure you’ve read the fine print. The last thing you want is to take responsibility for something you can’t afford.

That’s why you should do some good research beforehand. You want to use a rental service that won’t hide anything from you, and who will provide you with a luxury car at a very reasonable price.

Just imagine how excellent the trip is going to be from behind the wheel of a Bently? Life doesn’t really get much better than that.…


A Guide on How to Travel in Luxury

Traveling is something that most people enjoy and, regardless of our status in life, getting away from it all can really help to recharge our batteries and prepare us for life again. For some of us, traveling is a matter of spending as little money as possible but for others, a luxury trip is the only option to choose. For those individuals, there are some options available so that you can travel in style while at the same time, enjoying all the luxury that your trip has to offer.

First of all, it’s a good idea to prepare very carefully for your trip. If you are going someplace exotic or if you’re just traveling to the other side of the state, there are going to be things that can be done and seen that are not to be missed. Some of them may be quite luxurious and others may be rather ordinary but in either case, you would certainly not want to miss the opportunity to see them while you are there.

For some of us, traveling in luxury is more than just an enjoyable vacation, it’s an option that can make us feel better about ourselves. If you are traveling in luxury but doing so on a budget, you might want to keep a few things in mind. These will help you to stay within your allotted budget but still enjoy some of the finer things that life has to offer.

First of all, look for any bundled vacation deals that may be available. There are often several large expenditures when we travel in luxury, including our hotel accommodations, the airplane tickets and a car rental. Paying for each of these separately can get quite expensive but if you find a place that bundles them together, it can often save you a significant amount of money.

You may also want to consider doing an all-inclusive vacation, because it puts you in the lap of luxury while at the same time, providing everything that you need to enjoy yourself. These all-inclusive vacations will give you a place to stay and in many cases, you don’t even need to leave the resort because everything is provided for you. One thing that you may want to keep in mind, however, is that alcohol is not often provided on these types of luxury vacations. Always check this in advance, because that bill can add up rather quickly.

Finally, consider the possibility of going on a luxury cruise. Cruise deals are always coming available and some of them are too good to ignore. A cruise gives you the opportunity to truly get away from it all and to see different ports that offer almost anything you could possibly want or imagine. This is an option that is considered by many luxury vacation travelers, and it is one that you should think about as well. One thing is certain, it’s a trip that you will not forget very soon.…


Rent A Luxury Car For Your Wedding

The day of your wedding is one of the most important and special days in your life when you are about to begin your married life. You should do everything possible to make this day remarkable and memorable for both of you. This is the reason that when you are planning a wedding, it is necessary to rent a luxury car. A classy and fancy wedding will be incomplete if the beautiful bride doesn’t arrive in style in a luxury car. At the same time, going to your honeymoon after the wedding in a luxury car also has a charm of its own. This is the reason that most people hire luxury cars for weddings.

Professional luxury car rentals offer chauffeur driven cars and limos. Riding in a luxury car to your wedding would enable you to overcome the anxiety and pressure of the wedding. As a result, the ride to the wedding venue will be more comfortable and less jittery. At the same time, professional luxury car rental services also offer exotic and quality cars which add style and elegance to the wedding. The bride is the center of attention for a wedding, and everyone is excited by the arrival of the bride. Arriving at the marriage venue in an extravagant, luxurious chauffeur driven car will add majesty, style, and elegance.